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Omega Counseling and Education Services, Inc. is licensed, by the Arizona Office of Behavioral Health Licensure, to provide counseling services to adults. Since 1993, Omega has been offering individual and group therapy for Substance Abuse, DUI Screenings Education and Treatment, Domestic Violence, Anger Management, Cognitive Restructuring, Life Skills classes, couples and family counseling and more. We accept referrals from Superior courts, Municipal courts, Justice courts, City courts, screening agencies, the Adult Probation Department the Department of Corrections, attorneys

We have three locations and offer education services and counseling programs in English and Spanish in all our locations.

Programs and Services

Group Therapy for Substance Abuse, Domestic Violence, Anger Management, Marijuana Treatment, Indecent Exposure, DUI Education and Treatment, Parenting, Relationship Skills, and Offender Treatment.

We are State Approved to do Screenings and Driver License Evaluations for the courts and for the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Omega offers Individual, Marriage and Family Counseling.

In addition to providing programs for the judicial system and the Adult Probation Department, Omega Counseling, Inc. provided treatment for the Community Accountability Program (CAP) to the Department of Corrections (DOC) for several years. This program consisted of intense cognitive/behavioral counseling and electronic monitoring for offenders who had violated their terms of parole.

Omega also provided English and Spanish substance abuse treatment services to the City of Phoenix's participants of DUI Court for three years.

Secure email

Omega Counseling provides state of the art encrypted secure email technology to communicate sensitive documents and email content with our referral sources and clients.

are encrypted and secured with a password and digital signature.

When the referral source or client gets an encrypted email, it can only be opened with a that is tied to the email address and the recipient. The is the personal digital signature. This does not require the recipient to purchase any special software or hardware.

With we hope to reduce consumption of paper and contribute to the “green” movement.

The Secure email is also accessible from mobile devices like iPhones and

Online Screenings

Omega Counseling, Inc. provides online DUI and Substance Abuse screenings for MVD, the Courts and Probation officers using a secure system.

Online Registration, Assessments, and Intake

Our online software-based clinical intake forms allow clients to complete the assessment intake using an extensive Bio-psychosocial questionnaire. The client is sent a secure, password protected link via email which gives the client access to the Client Portal online assessments and other forms. What makes the online assessment exceptionally valuable is that it allows us to generate reports to analyze the data electronically. We believe that the investment in the advanced technology will help our clients, our referral sources and ourselves in improving the overall quality of our services.

Security of the electronic Patient Health Information (ePHI) is fundamental to us, and we have gone above and beyond the standard security and privacy requirements to protect our data. We always transmit account information securely with multiple layers of encryption.

Phone: 602-495-9306