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(26 to 52 sessions)

The Domestic Violence Treatment Program is a multi-modal, cognitive behavioral program designed for adults charged with domestic violence offenses and does not require the participation of the victim. The program provides a structured group format and is based on the belief that assaultive behaviors stem from causes ranging from social programming to deficits in behavioral skills. Power and control are central, but changing behavior is possible through or relearning. Participants are encouraged to examine personal responsibility, values, goal setting, personal and self-image.

The Domestic Violence Treatment Program consists of from 26 to 52, didactic, psycho-educational group sessions. The group sessions are facilitated by trained professional therapists. A complete screening appointment determines the number of sessions needed.

The goals of the program are:

  • To emphasize personal responsibility and accountability and take steps to change.
  • Identify domestic violence as a means of asserting power and control over another individual's actions, thoughts, and feelings by examining the intent of his acts of abuse and the belief system from which he operates.
  • To increase understanding of the causes of violence by examining cultural and social contexts.
  • To increase the participant's willingness to change his actions by examining the negative effects of his behavior on his relationship with his partner, his children, his friends and himself.
  • To provide information on how to change abusive behavior by exploring and nonviolent ways of relating.